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5 Best Gym Management Software: Tools That Pass The Fit Test 💪

We ranked the three best gym management software tools as TeamUp, Zen Planner and Mindbody. To come to our verdict, we compared their most useful features, pros and cons, plus their overall customer ratings and reviews.

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🌟 TeamUp 🌟

Very easy to use, excellent customer support, and reasonably priced.

Best analytics 📊
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🌟 Zen Planner 🌟

Great reporting feature, highly adaptable, and outstanding customer support.

best features ✅
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🌟 Mindbody 🌟

Easy to use interface, wide range of features, and good integrations.

In 2023, there are estimated to be 115,047 gyms, health and fitness clubs in the US alone. That’s nearly 3% up on the previous year. To manage each facility, you’ll need to find the best gym management software for you.

As the wellness industry continues to expand, so too does the software capabilities. Combined with gym management best practices, you can manage operations more effectively and efficiently.

Gym management software can handle a variety of functions and tasks, including memberships, scheduling and booking classes, and accurately tracking payments and creating reports.

We’ve reviewed the very best gym management software – here are our rankings and reasoning.

What Is The Best Gym Management Software?

Our top three gym management software tools are:

  1. TeamUp
  2. Zen Planner
  3. Mindbody

Below is a more detailed breakdown of each gym management software. Here’s how we got to our top three.

1. TeamUp

What Is It?

TeamUp is a simple, easy to use gym management system that offers great customer service and has a very reasonable price tag.

What Are The Pros and Cons of TeamUp?

Let’s start with the pros.

  • One of TeamUp’s best features is how easy it is to use. It’s easily customizable for different businesses, and boasts impressive flexibility in its features.
  • It has a very simple integration with zoom for remote classes.
  • The automated payment is another impressive feature that works smoothly.
  • It’s great for customer wish lists and has good customer service
  • The UI is clean and easy to navigate, while its design looks simple and modern.
  • Pricing is very fair for the features you get.

What are the cons?

  • Some integrations are difficult to set up
  • Ideally, it could integrate with more payment platforms
  • Discount vouchers sometimes are not seamless

Is TeamUp Free?

No, TeamUp needs a paid plan.

How Much Does It Cost?

Between $99 per month and $309.

Our Overall Verdict


The Software Pig

Gym Management software

A simple, robust and easy to use gym management system that offers great customer service and has a very reasonable price tag.


2. Zen Planner

What Is It?

Zen Planner is a flexible membership management tool, offering great reporting functions, easy automated payments and outstanding customer service.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Zen Planner?

The pros:

  • Good customer support and knowledge base.
  • Excellent reporting feature, with comprehensive reports to help you get a proper overview.
  • Easily customisable email templates for maximum flexibility, and help with sales and marketing.
  • Good onboarding experience when you first get the software.
  • Flexible and adaptable to different fitness businesses, with good compatibility across android and iOS apps

The cons:

  • Steep learning curve, can be complex in places.
  • Outdated user experience, difficult to get integrations working at times.

Is Zen Planner Free?

No, it’s not free.

How Much Does It Cost?

From $49 to $267 depending on the number of members

Our Overall Verdict

Zen Planner

The Software Pig

Gym Management software

A flexible membership management tool offering great reporting functions, easy automated payments and outstanding customer service, but has a steep learning curve.


3. Mindbody

What Is It?

Mindbody is popular club management and scheduling tool. It has a wide variety of features and is highly customizable for different business needs. However, it can be expensive compared to the alternatives. 

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Mindbody

The pros:

  • Simple to use piece of software that has a wide range of functions and features.
  • Very customizable and flexible to different businesses and gym sizes.
  • Excellent integrations with email marketing, accounting and payment tools.
  • There is an API.
  • Nice range of features from scheduling payments, online booking and managing memberships.
  • Friendly user interface and good design.

The cons:

  • Can work slower at times.
  • Inconsistent customer service.

Is Mindbody Free?

No, you’ll need a paid plan. However, there are several to choose from at different tiers.

How Much Does It Cost?

Starter : $159 p/m, accelerate: $279, ultimate $499, Ultimate plus $699

Our Overall Verdict


The Software Pig

Gym Management software

A popular club management and scheduling tool that has a wide variety of features and is highly customizable for different needs, but is expensive compared to the alternatives.


That rounds up our top three, but what are the other best gym management software options?

4. GymFlow

Gymflow homepage screenshot
Gymflow homepage screenshot

What is Gymflow?

Gymflow is a platform designed to help you create excellent customer experiences and streamline your operations.

The mobile app is well designed and gives customers a range of features and functions, such as booking services. There are built-in sales and marketing tools to help you spread the word for your gym, and understand which areas you need to focus on for the best return.

The easy to use management system is designed to make your life easy, while running a smooth and smart gym experience.

5. PushPress

Pushpress homepage screenshot
Pushpress homepage screenshot

What is PushPress?

PushPress is a cloud-based solution for business management – designed specifically for clubs and gyms.

Its best functions include reservations, client management, billing and check-ins – and it does the basics very well.

There’s also a clever point of sale (POS) feature that many other fitness apps lack, which allows you to increase revenue opportunities by selling products on site.

There are multiple payment options, and the software can also project data and routines to TV screens using a smart integration with Amazon’s Firestick.

It’s a modern solution with multiple bespoke features.

How Does Gym Management Software Work?

Diagram of the types of features you might look for in gym management software
Diagram of the types of features you might look for in gym management software. Credit: Mobiezy

Here’s a high-level overview of how gym management software typically works:

  • Potential members can sign up for their memberships either online – or in person at the gym. Often, the software offers multiple payment options and tiers.
  • The best gym management software securely stores all the information about each member for both billing and marketing purposes. This can include contact information, payments, missed payments and history, and their sign up address and details.
  • Using the system, members can book classes, organize sessions and engage with personal trainers. All availability is updated through the system as it happens.
  • Payment processing is often automated through the gym management software, from processing to reminders.
  • Gym employees use the software to schedule or cancel classes, and they can use metrics to track attendance so they know which areas are performing well, and which areas to focus on over time.
  • Advanced gym management software can also generate reports on memberships, revenue, profit margin, as well as facility and equipment maintenance so you can keep things in top shape.

Overall, if you run a gym you would not want to be without gym management software. It’ll helps streamline your business and ultimately provide a better service to your customers.

How Much Does Gym Management Software Cost?

We’ve been through a number of options, all with different price points.

The cost of your gym management software really depends on the level of advanced features you need.

It also depends on if it’s an all-in-one system, or you’re just looking for limited functionality so you can run it in parallel with CRM software, or using functionality from property management software.

Benefits of gym management software.
Benefits of gym management software. Credit: Niftysol

The lower and upper end of gym management software costs

As a conservative estimate, it might cost as little as $50-100 per month. However, it would be very basic and limited to scheduling, booking and payment options.

Much more developed gym management software would include far more, such as analytics, reports, marketing templates and many other functions you might associate with CRM tools.

A big (and notable extra) you should look for with more significant software tools is its level of integrations.

Are there any free gym management software tools?

If you don’t want to pay at all, then your options are few and far between, but you might find software designed for other functions that can be adapted.

You shouldn’t expect these to come with a variety of bespoke gym or club management features.

Ultimately, your gym management software costs will depend on the size of your business, and the features you really, really need.

What Should You Consider When Buying Gym Management Software?

The pros of gym management software.
The pros of gym management software. Credit: software suggest

Depending on your budget and which other tools you are using, you might want to consider software that does the following:

  • Managing members: You’ll need to store their data securely, keep their payment history, and ensure their membership and access stays active.
  • Scheduling and booking: Since a big part of being a gym member is to book and manage classes, your software needs a scheduling feature to allow this to happen in real-time, and show availability and when booking are full.
  • Payment processing: You may use other software to complete your payment processing but having it all in one interface will be much easier in the long run.
  • Marketing and sales: You may opt for software that allows you to contact members with auto-populated email templates. again, having it all in one system will stop you having to migrate data over.
  • Reporting metrics: One of the ways you can grow your gym or club is to know where you’re falling short and need to improve, and also what’s working well. Data reports will allow you to have this kind of overview to improve in the future.
  • Integration: You might want integrations to expand your product offering, for example, by hosting online classes. In this instance you’d want Zoom integration.

There are more features that should come as standard but you’d still want to check out, such as support and browser compatibility.

Gym Management Software: A Final Conclusion

Choosing the best gym management software tools will allow you to seamlessly run your facility, supported by technology for:

  • Payments
  • Scheduling
  • Invoicing
  • Booking
  • Guest management
  • Marketing
  • Reporting

Our top suggestions TeamUp, Zen Planner and Mindbody. Out of these top three tools, we like TeamUp the best.

No matter what size gym you run, we hope you found it beneficial to go through all the pros and cons.

Which gym management software do you like best?

Best gym management software

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