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About Us

The Software Pig isn’t one person. We’re a collective of techies, coders and marketers, united by shared values and processes. Together, we provide tips, research and reviews about the exciting, every-changing world of software.

We do deep-dive articles about software subjects…

how cyber threats attack the brain
The strange addictiveness of analytics

And detailed research pieces about the software industry…

Top 170 software awards
Software Sustainability Index 2023

We’re a team of likeminded software enthusiasts with a combined total of 37 years of software experiences to share.

Our professional backgrounds are in sectors including marketing, design, electronics and teaching.

Together, we aim to provide distinct value to you, our readers. We don’t just cover software options superficually. Our top recommended tools include video breakdowns too – which you can find on our YouTube channel @thesoftwarepig

You can also follow us on Twitter at the same address.

We go Further than typical Software reviews.

We aim to go far further than the standard reviewer, and our ultimate software reviews are one way where we expand on what we’re saying and show you around the platform.

Our verdicts are based on several areas, including as a software platform’s:

  • Customer support
  • User experience
  • Overall design and usability
  • General TrustPilot scores
  • We also take into account what other reviewers say

Comparing all of these factors, and looking at alternatives in each sector puts us in a great position to weigh up its pros and cons and offer a recommendation – or not.

We also compare pricing models, free trials, and offer our verdict on who the software is best for, and whether it offers value for money.

Video reviews combined with article write ups

When we aim to provide the best overall value for software hunters, we use both video and long form reviews to cover products in more depth.

Our video reviews are especially useful for looking at the design of each product, as well as its pricing, TrustPilot reviews, plus how comprehensive its customer support section is.

Here’s an example we did for Best Hotel Management

As you can see, we prefer real voiceovers on our videos.

Tips, Trends and Research on Software Pig

Part of our proposition is to help users select the software, but then understand the best practices around it. Here are a few examples:

Reviews and tips in sectors like security, CRM and payroll software:

Essentially, when we cover a category in depth, you can also expect to find helpful software tips and advice around it, as well as the software recommendations.

Further software research

We also like to look at the industry as a whole.

We feature long form researched pieces exploring some of the purpose, mission and values around your favourite products.

A good example is our Software Sustainability Index 2023 where we researched the climate change and ESG policies of 100 software companies, to give you an idea about who is taking their environmental commitments most seriously.

Software Sustainability Index 2023
Software Sustainability Index 2023

So, why ‘Pig’?

I guess by now you probably get the ‘Software’ bit of our name, but where does the ‘Pig’ part come from?

Generally, we characterise ourselves as greedy for information, devouring insights about the software industry as fast as we can.

Pig seemed quite appropriate.

If you find our articles useful, please follow us, like us and share our software reviews.

Happy software hunting!