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5 Best Hotel Management Software Tools (PMS Platforms Ranked)

The top three best hotel management software tools that we recommend are Sirvoy, Cloudbeds and Roomracoon. Click the read more buttons below to jump to each product review. We’ve also featured video reviews for each product from our YouTube channel, so you can hear our reasoning in more depth.

Best Overall 🏅
The sirvoy logo
🌟 Sirvoy 🌟

Very easy to use, supports all popular booking channels, and outstanding customer service.

Best Training Materials 😀
The cloudbeds logo
🌟 Cloudbeds 🌟

Very easy to use, wide range of training material, and good integrations.

Best Integrations ✅
The roomracoon logo
🌟 Roomracoon 🌟

Popular across the industry, wide range of integrations and highly customizable.

Hotel management software, also known as property management systems (PMS), is a category of software tool that helps hotel managers make their properties and operations more efficient.

Market SizeThe global hotel and hospitality management software market is expected to reach $12.2 billion by 2027Allied Market Research
BenefitsHotels that use hotel management software report an average increase of 25% in overall
Adoption Rate70% of hotels use a property management system (PMS) to manage their operationsHotel Tech Report
Online Reviews79% of hoteliers believe that online reviews are important for their business and use reputation management software to monitor and respond to themTripAdvisor
Revenue ManagementHotel revenue management software can increase revenue by up to 7%Hotel Tech Report
This table shows some fascinating statistics about hotel management software

Early hotel management software was first introduced in the 1970s, and used for simple tasks like reservations and billings. Today, PMS or Hotel Management Software includes a far more comprehensive set of functions – from guest management and feedback, to revenue projections and analytics.

To help you make the best decision when choosing your Hotel Management Software, we’ve been through all the pros and cons and ranked our top options.

Let’s go!

What Is The Best Hotel Management Software?

In our opinion, our top three best hotel management software options are:

  1. Sirvoy
  2. Cloudbeds
  3. Roomracoon

Below is a more detailed breakdown of each hotel management software. Here’s how we got to our top three rankings.

1. Sirvoy

Sirvoy Review

What Is It?

Sirvoy is a comprehensive, cloud-based hotel management software with front office, property management and booking services.

What Are The Pros and Cons of Sirvoy?

Let’s start with the pros.

  • Excellent customer service and very easy to adapt to, even if you’ve never used Sirvoy Hotel management software before.
  • Pricing is very transparent and fair, with clear options laid out.
  • It’s integrated with a wide variety of booking channels (tripadvisor,,, airbnb etc).
  • There are extensive training materials to get you up to speed quickly, and a good knowledge base.
  • The design and interface is simple to use and very clean.

What are the cons?

  • It is missing some currencies
  • The reporting features can be a little limited

Is Sirvoy Free?

No, there are paid plans.

How Much Does It Cost?

From $10 per month for small (1-2 rooms) hotels to $500 per month for large (1000+ rooms)

Our Overall Verdict


The Software Pig

Hotel Management software

A popular hotel management tool which is extremely easy to use, integrates easily with all major booking platforms, is fairly priced and has outstanding customer service.


2. Cloudbeds

Cloudbeds video review. Credit YouTube @thesoftwarepig

What Is It?

Cloudbeds is another cloud based hotel management platform, aimed at small to medium sized hotels. It features CRM, reservation management and online booking.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Cloudbeds?

The pros:

  • It excels when it comes to ease of use, with uncomplicated instructions and a smooth, well designed UI (although slightly outdated).
  • There are good training materials, so you can learn the software quickly.
  • It has good integrations with other software tools and platforms. If you need a specific integration it’s best to check beforehand.
  • High level of customer service.

The cons:

  • Chat bot can be slow
  • There’s no mobile app
  • Limited phone support

Is Cloudbeds Free?


How Much Does It Cost?


Our Overall Verdict


The Software Pig

Hotel Management software

A simple, easy to use piece of software aimed at small to medium sized hotels with good customer support and a wide range of training material.


3. Roomracoon

Roomraccoon video review. Credit @thesoftwarepig

What Is It?

Roomracoon is an award winning, cloud based hotel management suite developed in cooperation with small hotel owners.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Roomracoon

The pros:

  • It has a modern, simple user interface, and it’s design and UX makes it easy to use.
  • There are a wide range of integrations
  • It’s highly customisable for different businesses, with real-time room availability
  • Good for small hotels as the software is easy to understand and learn.

The cons:

  • A bit expensive compared to some other software options.
  • System can be buggy, and below average customer service
  • Only suitable for small hotels as the system is still being developed

Is Roomracoon Free?

No, paid plans are available.

How Much Does It Cost?

Ranging from 229 per month to $1814 depending on size of hotel.

Our Overall Verdict


The Software Pig

Hotel Management software

A solid hotel management software option, but a little on the expensive side compared to others. However, integrations are impressive so would work well alongside other tools.


Those are our top three best hotel management software tools, but what are the best of the rest?

4. innRoad

Best hotel management software: Innroad homepage screenshot
Best hotel management software: Innroad homepage screenshot

innRoad is a hospitality software designed to help people increase their overall revenue while making their processes more efficient.

It has a passionate team, who will work had to help clients fulfil their potential.

5. roomMaster Anywhere

roomMaster Anywhere was previously known by the name ‘Welcome Anywhere’.

It’s a hotel booking system and property management software that offers a range of integrated tools to help hoteliers increase revenue.

Some of its best features include guest correspondence, guest profiling, mobile online booking, invoicing, management of discounts, back office tools and reservation management.

So, how do our top tools stack up against each other?

Roomraccoon vs. Sirvoy

These are two of the best options for hotel management software, with each offering something different.

Here’s how they compare in a head to head review. Check out the video below from our YouTube channel @thesoftwarepig.

Alternatively, you can head there for Sirvoy vs. Roomraccoon now.

What Is Hotel Management?

In a nutshell, Hotel management is all the tasks related to running or managing a hotel – or other similar facility. This can include guest management, marketing and sales, lead generation, housekeeping, maintenance, billing and payroll, customer relations and training staff.

Ultimately, anything that you can think of that can form part of the smooth running of a hotel can be classed under hotel management.

It’s sometimes referred to as a Property Management system, which can also be helpful with tasks such as ensuring compliance, industry regulations, and setting policies for the hotel.

The main goal of the best hotel management software is to is to help managers provide the best quality care to guests, and ensure that the hotel is running efficiently at all times.

How To Get Into Hotel Management?

The field of hotel management is competitive.

Breaking into it depends on the level of the hotel, the location of the property, and of course, your personal qualifications and experience.

Here are some of the routes in that you might want to pursue:

Earn a degree in hotel management

A degree is a useful qualification to show employers that you understand the industry and are committed to learning the profession.

Courses related to hotel management might include hospitality law, hotel operations, or a vocation related to catering, spa and gym management, or human resources.

Internships and entry-level job experience

One of the best ways of gaining experience is through an internship, which can help you meet people, learn new skills and start your career in the sector.

An entry level job will also allow you to learn from others, and give you exposiure to different types of jobs such as housekeeping, cleaning and catering.

Gain professional certifications in the industry

Some of the pro qualifications in the hotel management industry include the Certified Hotel Administrator (CHA) designation offered by the American Hotel & Lodging Association.

Getting a qualification like this will show your enthusiasm and expertise in the field.

Built a useful network

One of the best ways to learn in any industry is through contacts and mentors. Once you get to know people, you can often get exposure to useful opportunities.

You can find industry events to attend on social media, or scan networks like LinkedIn to find people you may want to connect with. You can also join professional organisations to meet others in the field.

Work your way up from the bottom

Starting at the bottom of any industry has massive advantages.

Often, you get to see different positions and roles as you work tour way up, and you also get to meet people who are successful in those jobs. It can be the ideal starting point and foundation for your hotel management career.

How Hotel Management System Works

A hotel management system is a type of software application that helps hotels like yours to manage their operations more efficiently.

A hotel management system could actually be tweaked and deployed across numerous facilities, as it deals with a variety of tasks, including booking, managing guests (or customers), tracking tasks like housekeeping, generating reports and presenting hotel data.

In some cases it can also help with tasks like HR, payroll, and customer relationship management (CRM). However, most companies tend to opt for specialist tools in these areas, such as dedicated CRM software.

Check out this graphic for an overview on how the best hotel management systems or property management systems work.

A graphic showing how the best hotel management software creates a system that works
A graphic showing how the best hotel management software creates a system that works. Credit: Hotel Link

The flow of hotel management system software:

Take a look at this high-level overview of how a hotel management system can typically work:

  • Customers can use an online booking system synced up to your software, or call and book directly. The data is then entered.
  • Your hotel management software stores all the info about available rooms, changing prices, facilities, rates, and reservations.
  • Whenever a guest books a room, the system updates its availability. It also records the reservation in the customer’s online profile (if they have one).
  • It automatically system tracks check-ins and check-outs, before generating invoices for their stays.
  • Hotel system managers can also use the software to take care and keep and overview of other tasks – from housekeeping to assigning rooms. They can keep the status updated, so other users of the hotel management system can see it.
  • The hotel system also generates reports on many of the hotel’s operations, including occupancy rates, overall revenue, and expenses. Using these metrics, hotel managers can plan for the future, or improve certain aspects of the business using the software.
  • A hotel management system using the best hotel management software can radically help to improve and streamline overall operations – all while providing the best possible service to customers.

Final Summary: Why Choosing The Best Hotel Management Software Is Important

Hotel management software is vitally important, because it helps hotels to run more efficiently It streamlines lots of manual tasks, and keeps your data in one-easy-to-use interface.

Ultimately, it improves all processes, from booking rooms and managing guests, to tracking housekeeping tasks and collecting guest feedback to help improve the overall service.

Selecting the best hotel management software

If you don’t fancy one of our recommended options, then you should still look for a hotel management tool that will help with the following:

  • Improved efficiency through automation. Look for a tool that will help you automate certain tasks, from booking to data reporting. This will also reduce errors.
  • Increased profitability: Search for a hotel management software that will help you track and project revenue and profitability, so you know what parts to focus on.
  • Improved guest experience: Your hotel management system should be designed to optimize the guest experience, by helping to focus on their requests and gather their feedback – both good and bad.
  • Make better decisions: The best hotel management software will give you access to excellent data and reports for all aspects of your hotel. In turn, this can improve your decision making.

Overall, the best hotel management software will help you operate in a more streamlined, organized way, and provide the best experience for guests. Our best recommended tools are Sirvoy or Cloudbeds.

Which do you prefer?

Best Hotel Management software review by
Best Hotel Management software review by

We hope you found this article useful – let us know which software you think is the best, and don’t forget to subscribe to us on social @thesoftwarepig.